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We can provide you a 100% API-based platform, allowing you to access market-leading bank services and bring your idea to life. We take care of the regulatory & infrastructure sides of your business, so that you can concentrate on your services, products or use cases. To do so, we offer a wide range of services, from processing SEPA payments right up to KYC and compliance, so reach out if you want to quickly build your financial venture, without all the burden!

Moonshot Insurance

We at Moonshot Insurance bring an Insurance-as-a-Service platform offering contextual B2B2C insurance with a 100% digital experience. Click below to enjoy Tomorrow’s insurance today.


We at Oppens bring the first continuous intelligent phishing training platform with micro learning that makes your company resilient against social cyber threat. Beyond knowledge, empower your employee with the right tools: our cybersecurity audit will help define your IT strategy.